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Whole Machine Reset Method of Twisting Machine

The fault classification of the twisting machine is nothing more than electrical, mechanical, transmission, and pneumatic (if any), of which the electrical part is divided into strong and weak currents. Generally, the manufacturer of the twisting machine is designing, uses and maintains it. Considered to be an alarm for vulnerable and failure-prone components. After the alarm circuit works, on the one hand, the sound and light alarm information is issued on the display or the operation panel, and on the other hand, the protection instruction is issued. Power off the system or stop working to ensure safety and prevent the failure from expanding.

How do reset the whole machine

Under normal circumstances, the whole machine fault caused by the instantaneous fault of the reel can be cleared by hardware reset or switching system in turn. If the working storage area of ​​the system is disturbed due to unstable voltage, unplugging the circuit board or Undervoltage of the rectifier switching power supply, etc., the system must be initialized and cleared. Before clearing, you should make a backup record of the current data. If the fault persists after reset and initialization, if it cannot be eliminated, perform a hardware replacement diagnosis.

Make good use of various adjustable parts

It is a simple and effective method to adjust the winding tension, screen voltage, starting position of the wire rack and other adjustable parts, and maintain Chinese. Some innocuous glitches can be corrected by adjusting the adjustable section. For example, a company repairs a twisting machine that has been used for many years, and the system display is dim, but it is normal after adjusting the power supply voltage of the screen.

Spare parts replacement method

In the repair and maintenance of the twisting machine, replace the suspected faulty parts with good spare parts. After the maintenance personnel has basically judged the cause of the fault, this method can be used to quickly diagnose the fault range, quickly make the twister enter a normal operation state, and then send the damaged parts back for repair. This is a common troubleshooting method these days.

Environmental Quality Improvement Methods

For some very strange failures, if the cause cannot be found by excluding the replacement method, it is often necessary to start up and the surrounding environment. Generally divided into two kinds of power and space. The power supply can be improved by using a regulated isolated power supply to improve the fluctuation of the power supply. For some high-frequency interference from the power supply, capacitive filtering can be used. These precautions can be used to reduce power-induced failures, and increase and check for good grounding. This is also very necessary. There are many reasons for space interference, such as dust, gas, etc., foundation floating, vibration, etc., space radiation interference, etc., which require experienced maintenance technicians and professional equipment for testing and maintenance.

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