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The Main Tasks and Process Requirements of the Winder

The winder is a special equipment in the textile industry. As the last process of spinning and the first process of weaving, winding plays the role of "bridge" linking the previous and the next, so it occupies an important position in the textile field.

The main task of the winder

1. Change the package and increase the yarn capacity of the yarn package: connect the bobbins (or skeins) with less capacity through the winding to make a larger capacity bobbin. The capacity of one bobbin is equivalent to two. More than ten bobbins. The package can be used for warping, doubling, weft winding, dyeing, weft on shuttleless looms, and knitting yarns. If the cops are used directly in these processes, it will cause too much downtime, which will affect the improvement of production efficiency and the improvement of product quality. Therefore, increasing the package capacity is a necessary condition for improving the productivity and quality of the subsequent processes.

2. Remove the defects on the yarn and improve the quality of the yarn: There are some defects and impurities on the yarn produced by the cotton spinning factory, such as thick places, details, double yarns, weakly twisted yarns, neps, etc. During winding, the yarn clearing device is used to check the yarn, remove the defects and impurities on the yarn that affect the quality of the fabric, improve the uniformity and smoothness of the yarn, and help reduce the yarn breakage in the subsequent process. , to improve the appearance quality of the fabric. It is most reasonable for the defects and impurities on the yarn to be removed in the winding process, because the work of each package is carried out independently during the winding process. When a package is broken, the other packages can continue to work without being affected. .

Process requirements of the winder

1. Appropriate winding tension does not damage the original physical and mechanical properties of the yarn.

2. The package capacity of the bobbin is large, the shape is good, and it is easy to unwind.

3. The yarn joints are small and firm, and try to form knotless yarns.

4. The length of the bobbin used for warping should be fixed, and the bobbin used for dyeing should have a uniform structure (even roll density).

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