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The Influence of Industrial Automation Equipment on the Twisting Machine

With the rapid development of the pace of social life, the rapid growth of the population makes people consume faster and higher, which puts a lot of pressure on the industry. The development of the electrical automation industry is a good solution to this problem because the electrical automation production process is smoother, Automatically reduces the shortcomings of traditional production and manual handling production, and doubles the production efficiency, and the high production efficiency effectively relieves the production pressure.

Twister manufacturers have also noticed the importance of this problem. A few companies are still using manual winding and CNC single-axis winding machines for production. According to market analysis, most companies have adopted multi-axis automatic twisting machines.

In the twisting machine technology, multi-axis winding is more often used, and the machine is conveyed with a conveyor belt. Each machine should be fed manually, and the method is inconvenient. After the rigid connecting line is introduced, it is no longer necessary to manually take care of each machine and automatically feed the material. machine, but it is a traditional assembly method. If one twister on the production line fails, the entire production line will stop running. what can we do?

While the fully automatic production line has gradually matured in my country, it should also take full advantage of the fact that my country's manufacturing enterprises have been widely used in industrial automation equipment. The modular design can make good use of existing equipment to upgrade to rigid connections or lean production lines, which can be followed by manufacturers. Increase orders for equipment upgrades, so as to avoid the waste of resources caused by repeated purchases.

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