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The Function of Each Structure of the Twisting Machine

The traditional twisting process in my country uses multiple pieces of equipment for primary twisting, secondary twisting and multiple processes. The disadvantage is that it requires more labor, a low degree of automation, and large equipment and plant investment, fluidity, and energy consumption. The one-step compound twisting machine in foreign countries started earlier than in China and has formed a good development momentum. Domestic enterprises have imitated the one-step compound twisting machine, and the level is at the level of the 1970s. The spindle speed is low. Due to the small installed capacity of this device, it cannot be adapted to weaving products with threads, and it is controlled by mechanical means. The technical level is backward, it is in a single tube shape, and the twist and twist are difficult to adjust. Real-time control cannot be realized. Small batch production and weaving requirements. Therefore, the computer-controlled composite twisting machine has a high degree of automation and high production efficiency.

The main wing is the main twister. Except for the feeding part, the other mechanisms are similar to the hanging spindle-type spinning frame, which is often used for twisting hemp. Double twisting machine.

The double-twist spindle is the main twisting machine, and each turn can be twisted into yarn. There are three types of double-twist spindles: vertical, horizontal and inclined, most of which are vertical. It consists of spindle rods, spindle trays and rotating parts for storage disks, as well as stationary parts such as filling tanks and hollow spindle tubes. The stationary part is sleeved outside the rotating part, and the rotating part is connected to the rolling bearing. The spindle is driven by the dragon belt or the spindle, which drives the storage spindle to rotate together. In order to ensure that the fixed part is not affected by the rotating part, a braking device is generally provided to fill the yarn groove. Braking methods include magnetic braking, gravity braking and mechanical braking. The double yarn is drawn from the self-feeding bobbin, passes through the top of the hollow spindle tube, passes through the side hole of the yarn storage tray, and is wound into the bobbin through the yarn guide hook and the output roller. When the spindle or drum rotates once, each part of the yarn inside the hollow spindle, between the spindle hole and the yarn guide hook is twisted once. Get two twists in the same direction. The spindle speed is as high as 14,000 rpm, and the twisting efficiency is doubled. It can be directly made into large-capacity bobbins, and the number of dosing is reduced, but the power consumption is large and the combined operation is difficult.

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