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Strengthen Automatic Winder Maintenance

The self-winding process is the last process in the spinning mill, and its efficiency directly affects the yarn output. How to do the maintenance and management of the automatic winder should be done in the following aspects.

Strengthen equipment maintenance

The equipment is in good condition, requiring no empty spindles and a high quality rate of one-time twisting. According to statistics: a winder has 60 spindles, and there are 7 to 8 spindles with a success rate of one splicing less than 1.5%, and the efficiency of the winder is less than 80%. Because each time the automatic winder is spliced, the single spindle stops for 8 s, which greatly affects the mechanical efficiency and production efficiency. Through the implementation of the following specific measures, it is ensured that the single-spindles with a primary twisting rate of less than 1.5% of each winder are controlled within 3, and the mechanical efficiency reaches more than 85%.

a) Splicer: strengthen the cleaning, maintenance and lubrication of the splicer - regularly remove the oscillating piece of the splicer and the flyback yarn near it, and replace the damaged oscillating piece in time; check the stroke of the yarn tension nozzle , ensure that the yarn is pushed into the correct part of the untwisting device; adjust the splicing length in the range of 20 mm to 25 mm to ensure that the splicing strength is not less than 80% of the original yarn, and the diameter is not greater than 1.2 times the original yarn.

b) Suction nozzle: Check and adjust the large suction nozzle to be parallel to the package yarn. When the diameter of the reference package is 100 mm, the adjustment distance is 2 mm to 3 mm; when the yarn tension suction nozzle is stationary, the distance to the yarn is 3 mm to 3 mm. 4 mm.

c) Air pressure setting: Check the 4 pressure gauges on the head part of the automatic winder every shift to ensure that the balance pressure is 0.25 MPa; the anti-vibration pressure is 0.15 MPa; Prevent end breakage due to difference in package density; splicing air pressure is 0.6 MPa; prevent splicing defects from causing a vicious circle of frequent yarn cutting and frequent piecing.

d) Other parts: Clean the upper and lower scissors frequently, and replace them in time after wear; to prevent damage during detection and not work; to ensure that the holding disc rotates flexibly, and the spindles on the bobbin holding disc are not bent; The yarn is not working well, the empty tube is not discharged well, and the yarn library is not working well.

Strengthen management training

The operator of the automatic winder must patrol the machine according to a certain route, and carry out the work such as yarn insertion, cleaning, inspection of machinery, and defect prevention in a planned way. In the daily tour, it is necessary to master the production rules, and take initiative, planning and flexibility into account. Must have a sense of responsibility, understand machine performance, structure, process requirements and processing scope, and be able to handle some simple minor faults.

The operator should have skilled operation skills, and the single operation should be "one small and four accurate", one small - the thread lifting action is small, not too big; four accurate - taking the yarn, finding the end, inserting the yarn, feeding allow. Regularly organize yarn laying, doffing and threading measurement to minimize lost time of operation, reduce the time of red light on the winder, and improve production efficiency.

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