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Safe Operation Rules of Twisting Machine

1. You can only operate the machine after you have received training in twisting operation.

2. It is not allowed to wear loose clothing or long hair floating near the rotating parts of the machine or stay in the work area. Hair over the neckline should be covered with a net and hat.

3. The machine should have complete safety facilities (warning signs, cover, safety switch, etc.), its function is normal and the position is correct. All doors on the machine should be closed when the machine is running.

4. Any tools or other items that do not belong to the machine should be cleaned up on and inside the machine.

5. When starting the machine, make sure that no one is working on the machine in the effective area of ​​the machine.

6. Do not hold hot bearings and motors during work. Do not touch the rotating traveler.

7. When winding the yarn on the roller, use a special hook to tie it off. When using a knotting knife, the edge of the knife should face the front of the human body, and it is forbidden to operate the knife edge in the direction of the human body.

8. When changing the bobbin, the bobbin should be held firmly and accurately to avoid falling and hurting the human body.

9. When the position of the top roller is skewed, the security work should be asked to correct the I-frame in time, and the top roller should be placed accurately to prevent the top roller from falling and hurting people.

10. Hold the crank handle firmly when the ring plate is raised and lowered, and don't let it loose in the middle, and remove the crank handle after shaking.

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