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Matters Needing Attention in the Operation of the Winding Machine?

A winding machine is a device specially used for winding coils. When operating, swing the handle by hand, the big gear rolls and then the pinion rolls (the speed ratio is 1:4 or 1:8), and the pinion rolls the main shaft. The winding die is fixed with tightening nuts at both ends. In addition, there is a vertical lead screw to move the lap counter gear, so that the indication of the lap counter corresponds to the speed of the gear, and then the number of turns of the coil is recorded. When winding, the wire is pulled out from the pay-off frame, and one end of the wire is fixed at one end of the winding die, and the winding can be started.

If the winding machine you purchased is not a fully automatic winding machine, the taboos in operation are as follows:

(1) Pay attention to the appropriate pulling force of the wire to prevent it from being too large or too small.

(2) The energy should be concentrated when winding, and the number of coil turns should be accurate. Prevent the wrong number of winding turns.

(3) The turns of the wires should be placed neatly to prevent them from being scattered.

(4) When winding, it is forbidden to be loose and tight, and the force should be even.

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