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Main Process Parameters of Air Texturing Machine

With the continuous development of China's chemical fiber industry, new equipment for chemical fiber texturing machines are emerging one after another. It is increasingly important to adjust the texturing process of texturing machines. This paper discusses and analyzes the process parameters of the texturing machine, the role of the process parameters of the texturing machine and the adjustment of the process parameters of the texturing machine, and introduces the debugging of the texturing process of the texturing machine.

Main process parameters of the texturing machine

Briefly introduce the main process parameters of the texturing machine, including drawing ratio, texturing speed, deformation temperature, false twist tension, winding tension, etc.

(1) The drawing ratio means that POY yarn has low strength without elasticity, long elongation and unstable macromolecular structure, and is not suitable for direct weaving. However, after a certain stretch, multiple of the texturing machine is stretched, the strength of POY yarn is enhanced, the elongation becomes shorter, and the fiber structure is stable, which meets the requirements of the later textile and clothing. This is the stretch multiple.

(2) The texturing speed generally refers to the linear speed of the second roller among several rollers of the texturing machine as the benchmark, commonly known as the texturing speed, which is referred to as "vehicle speed". The unit of measurement is m/min.

(3) Deformation temperature If the POY filament is hard stretched at a low temperature, the surface of the monofilament is easy to be roughened or broken. And the deformation temperature is to realize hot stretching of POY yarn under certain temperature conditions set by the texturing machine so that the POY yarn can be fully deformed and the fiber will be hairless.

(4) False twist tension, also known as deformation tension, refers to the tension value (T1) of the POY yarn before it enters the false twister along the yarn path and the tension value (T2) before it leaves the false twister to the second roller. Both are called false twist tension, which is particularly important for the quality of DTY.

(5) Winding tension control The winding tension of DTY yarn has a great influence on post-processing. The larger the winding tension is, the smaller the diameter of the DTY cake is, and the higher the hardness of the DTY cake is. On the contrary, the smaller the winding tension, the larger the DTY cake diameter and the smaller the DTY cake hardness.

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