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Components of Twisting Machines

Most of the bobbins on the bobbin frame are looped on the inserting spindle in a horizontal way, and the plied yarn pulls the bobbin to rotate from the side and unwinds. The combined twisting machine is fed with a single yarn package. In order to reduce the end breakage caused by excessive tension during single yarn unwinding, a cone-shaped package is tightly sleeved on the insertion spindle, and the single yarn is axially led out from the respective package ends. The feeding frame is used for merging. The doubling and twisting machine can save the doubling process and is generally only suitable for spinning double-ply yarn with low-quality requirements. The guide roller is usually a pair of smooth round rollers. The lower roller is a 6-8 ingot section, which is spliced with its full length. Each spindle of the upper roller is pressurized by its own weight and driven by the friction of the lower roller. There is a certain threading method for the plied yarn on the roller so that there is a long enough friction surrounding the arc between the yarn and the roller to ensure that the roller conveys the yarn to the twisting area at a uniform speed.

The utility model is composed of a spindle, a spindle disk, a yarn storage disk and other rotating parts, and a yarn holding tank, a hollow spindle tube and other fixed parts. The fixed part is sleeved outside the rotary part and connected with the rolling bearing. The spindle plate is driven by a dragon belt or spindle belt to drive the yarn storage plate to rotate together. In order to ensure that the fixed part is not affected by the rotary part, the brake device of the yarn container is generally installed. There are three braking modes: magnetic braking, gravity braking and mechanical braking.

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